I recently had the pleasure of discovering the incredible Australian not-so-innocent-going-all-out-with-style duo, Fyre Byrd. They quickly became an obsession for me with the quality of their music, captivating concepts, great articulation of ideas, and charming personality visible in the many online formats they entertain The Brats (their fanbase) with.

This post is an introduction to Fyre Byrd for those who were unlucky to miss their rise. I also had the honour and privilege of interviewing the band about their views, music, future plans, mindset, concert experiences, and love for pasta.

Once again, a huge THANK YOU going towards my awesome friend Migle – she is the one who showed me the band. Of course, equally big gratitude to Samtré and Breeze, who approached this interview with interest, passion, and great attitude, giving me the time and energy to ask all my annoying questions!

Chaos might be the best way to describe the current state of society. In a situation where distortion hits our values system and disasters keep stacking up, art plays a fundamental role as a navigation system.

Music always had the power to provoke, inspire, and make us think; help us snap out of blindly going with the flow. I am happy to see more and more bands are directing their attention towards the pressing issues of modern society. But it is even more important to see this coming from upcoming artists who are yet to pave the way for the new generation of musicians. 

Going all-in into the conceptual masterpiece Fyre Byrd put into motion with the No_Idols [Fame] Visual Experience

Fyre Byrd is siblings Samtré on guitar/vocals and Breeze taking the role of an unstoppable drum machine. The charming duo boldly takes on the task of challenging our society’s perception and mindset by exposing what chasing “idols” could lead to. For a band that actively started tackling the music world just four years ago, Fyre Byrd managed to achieve a lot. The duo patiently tested the waters with milder singles showing their skills and potential in musical arrangement and songwriting. 

Going through their discography presents satisfying progress and evolution. The early work of the band tells us they always had the unique Fyre Byrd vision and values at their core.

Universal, relatable themes supported by well-executed instrumental structure strike in Take Me Out, for example. The song explores real-life frustrations and desires putting regular human emotions on the front line. It slightly reminds of the themes in No_Idols, however, softer and more controlled.

Such a heartwarming song!

Anywhere I Am Is Home hints about their dedication to the world of music and the unwavering connection they would gradually build up with their fanbase. Something that is also a fundamental part of Fyre Byrd’s identity. 

Put Me In A Dress is the track that shows clear signs of the experimentation and development that would escalate with No_Idols. The abstract elements, glitch effects, and more aggressive drums and guitars start surfacing to give the song a slightly different vibe and shift towards deeper provocations of the mind and a worthwhile energy eruption. 

It is great to see the band utilizing the many opportunities for self-expression available in modern days. The mediums of film, imagery, and sound help them properly showcase their vision and growing concerns about the state of our society. No_Idols (EP) goes beyond a collection of songs. It represents an immersive experience designed to expose facts, make you think, and question your beliefs. 

Whether you choose the bite-size series format or the full immersive visual experience, you are in for an interesting ride. Chasing Fame and ending in Chaos is a great symbolic message, making a bold but necessary remark towards obsessive idolization so common in recent years.

The EP supports the narrative of the story by providing crazy good tunes for the ear. Starting with drum-leading, emotional contemplation in Would You Rescue Me, Fyre Byrd takes listeners on a ride filled with substance and on-point remarks.

Each song is an introspective piece born from personal experience and views, but it is not hard to relate to it and connect it to your own life. 

All of the tracks in No_Idols have their charm and lead us in the direction Fyre Byrd wants us to go. Abstract and attention-grabbing, the songs have memorable breakdowns and often feature fast-paced drum explosions supported with equally vile guitar riffs.

The addition of glitchy elements creates an atmosphere fitting the narrative of No_Idols – an exposé of the digital addiction and brainwashing we witness more and more nowadays. 

Rebellious energy is overflowing from each song. Hits towards hypocrisy and fakeness are a given but not too intrusive – something that is not so easy to achieve when dealing with such delicate topics.

There are various elements in Fyre Byrd’s music all blended together and filtered several times to extract the best parts. This creates a unique sound and energy you would associate with the band – there is no way to mistake them for anyone else in the scene.

The best part about this band goes beyond the refined concepts, amazing music, and powerful expression. Fyre Byrd has many layers that show themselves in different situations.

Play a video of a live concert to see the seemingly calm duo turn into vicious rockstars putting on the best show you have seen in a while climaxing with aggressive destruction of instruments. Check the Fyre Station vlogs or Brat Chat podcast series to peek behind the scenes and learn more about the individuals behind the Fyre Byrd entity (guaranteed to leave you laughing out loud). 

There is so much to explore and enjoy, the best part is things have only just begun for the band. No_Idols is not a simple project – there are more idols to dissect, more to delve into, more to provoke. And the band will provide. 

As it always happens when I find a new band that consumes my heart and soul, I was excited to learn more about them. Luckily for me, Samtré and Breeze are two of the coolest people in the music world, so I had the honour of talking to them about various music-related (and not only) topics.

Check the conversation below and learn more about the band. Don’t forget to follow Fyre Byrd on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and Twitter. Why not also get yourself some stylish merch

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