The 200th post is a milestone, isn’t it? It should be at least a bit special. 

I unintentionally went into a reflective look back at my journey while trying to come up with a cool idea to celebrate this accomplishment. This post is slightly sentimental – a dedication to some of the defining moments of my “blogging journey” so far. 

I also urged friends and followers to give me ideas for a “special type of content”, and I got an amazing idea that I could not ignore. However, due to this “reflection” becoming unexpectedly long, I will leave the challenge for a separate post. 

This page is not a huge thing, but I have to admit it turned into my biggest passion over the past (almost) four years. It started as an easy-going experiment and gradually turned into a fully-fledged music page. I am still surprised (and proud) I managed to stay consistent and continue to regularly update it, which helped me evolve it to what it is today. I guess this indicates my motivation to develop in this field – it is now a major part of my life and routine.

I am beyond happy that I did not give up when I wanted to drop this project. I managed to break new grounds step by step, and I hope much more is to come. The journey has been amazing so far.

I want to send the biggest thank you in the world to all of you who have been reading my content, staying with me regularly or occasionally, and showing me love and support for trying to chase a dream that sometimes seems ridiculous!

Here are some defining moments and milestones of the Weekly Music Fix blog.

The First Ever Post

Now that I think about it having a blog appears to be an idea that floated around my head way before I got the courage to pursue it.

The first post I wrote never became public, but I am quite sure it subconsciously fueled the desire to one day have a dedicated page for my attempted self-expression. That happened back in 2014, and I still remember the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment after getting the idea, writing it all out in an unorganized mess, editing it several times to make it presentable… and not showing it to anyone.

My 2014 review says I hated the intro instrumental. A lot of my opinions changed, maybe I should rework the post and publish it after all?

The article was a review of Linkin Park’s (then) latest single Guilty All The Same (feat. Rakim). As a dedicated fan of the band who followed them since I could understand what music is, I had a lot to say about the release. There was no one willing to listen to me explain all my observations for five hours straight, so I turned to the blank page.

The Hunting Party featured a return to heavier sounds and aggressive attitude for a reason. Back then, I did not appreciate the song enough for what it stands for, but now I see the album as fundamental and forward-looking for its time. It showed a group of angry adults challenging society’s degradation, “the moral fall” of the music industry, and the self-destruction of humanity – phenomena that have sadly gotten worse rather than better seven years later.

Going Public

My self-doubt and anxiety played a crucial role in delaying the creation of a blog page as much as possible. The process of ideating, writing, and editing was intoxicating and addicting, but it took me some time to convince myself to establish a dedicated space for those creations.

As embarrassed as I am, this is the first official post I published. You can probably see a slight difference in my writing compared to my latest posts. I hope you do, at least.

I created the blog in 2015. The concept was not to be a music-focused page at first. That was a fundamental part of the idea, however, I started with a bigger diversification – I wanted to write about anime, manga, games, series, books, and music alike. In fact, the first two posts I wrote were anime and manga reviews.

What’s some more embarrassment?

Unfortunately, I was not brave enough to tell anyone about the page or share it on my social media. Not even privately with friends. It just stayed there, hidden from anyone, hoping to get attention from random people on the Internet.

It did not happen.

Going Public. For Real.

The original idea was to post regularly, as I do now. Unfortunately, the lack of exposure and confidence to promote my writing resulted in low motivation – the transition between high school and university that happened a bit after starting the page also urged me to put the blog idea in the background for a while.

First officially published music post!

The push to finally make this page a serious thing came during a class in university. We were talking about content creation and management – something I was very interested in trying out. I always had the blog page in the back of my mind, so it was the perfect opportunity to finally go public. For real.

I wrote the first three music posts in one sitting. I was so hyped. Second one.

At that time, my biggest interest started shifting towards the music world. I expanded my palette of bands and genres, saw some incredible live shows. This universe completely captivated me.

The first few posts I wrote after the re-start of the page were all music-related. Gravitating towards the “music news” type of posts, I covered the latest releases from some of my favourite artists – PVRIS (What’s Wrong), Bring Me The Horizon (Unreleased That’s The Spirit Demos), and Twenty One Pilots (Heavydirtysoul music video).

And the third one!

I was able to express my utter fascination with the music world and the particular bands, to fully pour out my thoughts and feelings in regards to the music, and make speculations about the meaning of the songs/videos. It was a great experience that motivated me to turn this into a weekly thing.

I still did not limit myself to music, even though this was the biggest portion of my content at that time.

Discovering The Interview Format (Inspirations Sessions Series)

Not taking the blog page as something too serious or carefully planned allowed me to experiment a lot. That played its part in helping me find what I enjoy most and eventually decide on the focus on the page.

An important milestone worth mentioning is the introduction of the interview format on the page. During my education, I went through a detailed exploration of different content types and even though I did not seriously consider implementing them for a long time, something drew me towards interviews.

I am still very happy with my first ever interview.

The idea of having an open conversation with someone willing to share their deep insights, experience, and ideas is irresistible to me. I loved watching interviews for the longest time, and being the one to design and execute my own was something I did not want to miss out on.

I started by interviewing a great friend and an amazing colleague specializing in film and video. I wanted to take a peek inside his mind and explore the different points of view he had towards work, life, and creativity.

The interview was truly enjoyable, and it started a chain reaction of wanting to conduct many more and steadily improve my questions, approach, and overall execution. Luckily for me, I had the network and the supporting, responsive people around me to get this done.

So happy that my network was super responsive towards my annoying questions. Another great talk.

Eventually, the interview concept would evolve into approaching bands and artists and talking to them about their music, ideas, and future plans. A thing that is now my absolute favourite part about this blog.

Bands that respond to fan’s requests for interviews are too precious for this world. Atwood first interview.

Taking Challenges

I wanted to build a community and establish communication with people who share my passions. I believe getting the confidence to start interacting with people on social media a crucial step towards moving closer to this goal.

I began taking challenges shortly after starting the interviews – it not only helped me improve the communication with people who were interested in my writing but also pushed me out of my comfort zone. That allowed me to improve my writing, as most challenges were not something I would ever consider writing about.

Speaking of comfort zones…

Finding My Focus

One of the most important milestones of this page was finding my true passion. That extends to a few things.

First of all, I realized how much I enjoy writing. The signs of this revelation appeared with the first posts I wrote but kept getting stronger the more I persevered. I would even dare say I got considerably better at choosing my words and making my points with the time. This development fed my love for writing even more. Now I consider this a fundamental part of my identity.

I even had my first music awards the same year Rocksound decided to do it. What a coincidence, huh?

The page also helped me discover what I enjoy writing about most. I started with a wide range of topics, however, the more I plunged into the music world and the closer I got to the industry, the more I convinced myself this is what I truly want to focus on.

Music became my ultimate passion and strongest focus for a reason. The power of this medium hit me hard. I still consider it the most influential media format in existence – being part of this world in one way or another fills me with happiness and gratification like few other things.

The Weekly Music Fix

In direct relation to finding my focus, I started the weekly music fix series. At first, this was a highlight of a few tracks that made the strongest impression on me during the week. It included new releases and rediscovered masterpieces alike, a new video or remix – anything that stood out and made an impression on me.

The first ever Weekly Music Fix inspired by the lovely Vukovi

I would write a dedicated blog post containing the best five songs of the week for twenty-two weeks in a row. Quickly after starting those series, I also created the Weekly Music Fix playlist to collect all music of the week that impressed me.

The weekly music fix playlist is still something I diligently do without fail.

Boosting Open-Mindedness

Another benefit of starting the blog was the chance to become more open-minded. That also goes a few ways.
For one, I drastically increased the range of the music I listen to. I grew up with rock/neo-metal, and for a long time, this was the only genre I respected.

Music from my youth

Over time, I realized not giving a chance to other types of music is an idiotic mistake. I met a lot of people with whom I exchanged (and talked about) music – forcing myself to listen to other’s suggestions opened my eyes to new genres that I would usually never dare to explore.

Furthermore, deciding to turn the page into a music-focused blog meant I need to get familiar with foreign territories and increase the range of my “music competencies”.

I never thought I would be a person endorsing people to listen to Tommy Cash

I also realized that my opinions and views are not the only ones in existence. Respecting other people’s stands and trying to see things from different points of view made me more aware of the world around me and taught me how to be more empathic.

I am eternally grateful for learning the importance of respect and open-mindedness. Even though I still have a long way to go in that sense it is now a constant reminder on the back of my mind.

Love And Support

The support I got with the development of the page has been overwhelming and incredibly encouraging. I wouldn’t be as inspired and determined to keep going if it wasn’t for the constant messages of appreciation, ideas, tips, feedback, and words of encouragement.

That is the best reward for putting in the work in creating an article, writing a review, and especially trying a new format. A few words showing that a person took their time to read the thing and even got deep enough to offer valuable feedback is priceless.

Thank you so much to anyone who ever read my work, messaged me to express an opinion, or reacted to my work in any way. It is hard to put into words how much this encouragement means to me. I love you.

Meeting New People

Music was a reason for many friendships over the years. Having this page and getting out of my bubble in terms of seeking interaction helped me to form new relationships.

People who reacted to the music I shared often sent me recommendations in return. That led to long-lasting bonds nourished further over the years. I am extremely happy and grateful this happened as most of those people are now precious parts of my life.

Who knows if I would have discovered Dub Fx if it wasn’t for the beautiful soul who sent that song to me

Sharing music with others is one of the best ways for me to strengthen a relationship. I am happy to say it happened with a lot of important people in my life.

I also managed to meet fellow bloggers and music enthusiasts I would have never crossed paths with if it wasn’t for this page. It has been amazing to virtually meet all of those people, many of whom I am still in touch with regularly.

Going back to my motivation over the years, I realize that I always wanted to have my own media platform. I even found some ancient notebooks imitating “magazines”. I wrote tones of articles on cartoons and football games I used to watch as a kid.

It’s making me think subconscious desire is a huge power you cannot run away from. The only regret I have is not starting the page sooner and having the mindset that dreams are just that – dreams that will never be a reality.

However, I am happy that I eventually did it and walked such a long road of development to make this a fundamental part of my life. I am happy I met so many great, supportive people and talked to incredible artists as well.

Hopefully, a lot more is waiting. Thank you all for reading and staying with me on this journey.

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