The latest music discovery that got me heavily obsessed is a Liverpool-based formation currently making the best of the alternative rock realms while merging different influences to create new, groundbreaking sounds. Their music quickly won me over with the dirty, energizing riffs, the confident, raspy vocals delivering thought-provoking, heartfelt lyrics, and the amazing build-up of the instrumentals. 

I was happy to find out Primyl Vinyl is one of the exceptionally cool and open bands, who instantly agreed for a quick talk. I had the pleasure of chatting with Matt (vocals and lead guitar) about how the band started, their music and inspiration, mental health as a theme in music, and more.

Labelling bands with genres is getting more and more irrelevant in recent days. I am happy to see lines consistently get blurred and different inspirations merge to create completely new sounds. 

It is especially satisfying when new, upcoming bands do that. Primyl Vinyl is one of those.

Primyl Vinyl consists of Matt on lead vocals and guitar and Steve with vocals and lead guitar.

If you have to put the band in a category that would be alternative-rock due to the, as G.I.T music blog accurately puts it, “riff-based guitar music at its absolute finest, full to the brim with tasty riffs”. That is the first thing that strikes. What follows is thunderous drumming, vocals merging raspy sound and charming singing, lyrics inspired by personal experiences easily become universal and overflowing with comfort, support, and inspiration.

Primyl Vinyl’s music unites the alternative rock energy with pop-inspired tunes making their songs easy to dance, sing along, and vibe to. There is an irresistible urge to move when the instrumentals hit – something that undoubtedly makes up for an incredible live show.

If you look into the lyrics, different stories take shape, making you think about topics that need attention. They radiate understanding and comfort – prerequisites for the extraordinarily strong connection Primyl Vinyl establishes with their community.

After a few smashing singles showing the potential and power of the band, Primyl Vinyl did something a few upcoming bands dare to attempt. They turned everything around and created a collection of lo-fi mixes giving their original tracks a completely new feel and vision.

“The same words have different meanings. Old lyrics take on a new, twisted life” is the inspiration behind the revamp of the tracks. And the core of the songs indeed remains intact, the meaning and stories behind them stay the same, but the sound allows for a different focus, making various new elements pop out.

The mixes feature additions of more electronic elements, toned down instrumentals, and even RnB influences. The vocals and lyrics take the spotlight making details of each story vividly come to life.

You can learn more about the original story and meaning behind each song in the video series the band did with the incredible creator Janny Rose

With such a solid start, the future of Primyl Vinyl looks promising and exciting. I am eager to see what they come up next and where their music takes us, what elements will appear, and how they will take the alternative-rock foundation to the next level.

As it always happens when I get addicted to a newly discovered band, I wanted to learn more about their story, inspiration, influences, and mindset. Luckily for me, the band sees communication with their fans as an integral part of their identity (as you can learn from the conversation below).

They agreed for a quick chat and invested time and energy to make it informative and entertaining. My conversation with Matt goes through the above-mentioned topics, the importance of vocalizing (but not forcefully pushing) mental health with music, and some album suggestions from the man himself.

I want to express my huge thank you to the band for being some of the coolest people in the music world, taking the time and energy to chat with me, and sharing their experience and thoughts!

Before you dive into the interview, I would kindly recommend checking out the band on Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, giving their music a chance and following them if you like what you see. 

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