I often find myself in search of mood/energy boosters to get the necessary kick for starting my day. Turning to music is never a wrong choice in this case, just like in most emotion-based needs. That is why there are so many playlists centred around different moods and cravings.

I love curating playlists for all kinds of occasions. The realization of the need for an “adrenaline-infused” collection of songs quickly gave birth to a new selection. The blog post goes through the seven essential tracks from my Adrenaline Rush playlist and why they need a spot in every such compilation of songs.

Music is one of the greatest transmitters of emotion. That makes the medium a perfect source of comfort, strength, and motivation in times of need.

Sometimes this concerns feeling down and needing a mood boost or simply re-assuring yourself negative feelings are a normal part of life. Other times, you just look for a fitting soundtrack to a great day. A way to put your frustration into words, answers to existential questions, or simply hearing a different outlook on life are equally eligible reasons to turn to music.

This art form is a go-to when you need emotional support but don’t feel like talking to other humans.

Something for a good day with a smooth start

Over the years, the comfort and pleasure I found in music corresponding to different situations made me start curating my own playlists for various occasions.

Creating them turned into a meticulous activity I now consider a serious endeavour. The process of selecting the right tracks and finding the best intro to set the expectations and mood properly is addictive to me.

The first playlist I put actual effort into was The Electric Feeling. It represents a collection of songs centred around the almighty feeling of love in its different manifestations.  

Over nine hours of love-related music in the playlist so far. Updated occasionally.

After manually searching for songs specifically needed to boost my energy levels and get me in the right mood on a tough day, I decided this calls for another dedicated playlist. Adrenaline Rush came around after I experienced the explosive mood boost from several tracks I replayed extensively when I needed that kick.

Check out the full playlist, currently 45 songs, 2.5 hours duration. Updated regularly.

I am still concerned a large portion of the playlist is focused on the aggressive notes and vile guitar riffs. However, this plays a fundamental part in helping me get my adrenaline rush. Maybe it will work for others as well.

Nevertheless, the goal of this collection of songs is to get you started when you need an extra push, a boost of mood and energy, and help to tackle whatever challenges you are facing.

Here are the seven tracks I find essential for such a playlist.

While She Sleeps – Systematic

While She Sleeps gradually turned into one of my biggest obsessions with their provocative on-point remarks towards current society, the powerful explosions of aggressive screams balanced with gentles back-vocals, and undeniable top-tier metalcore riffs.

The new album- Sleeps Society lives up to the band’s standards. It consists of a collection of thought-provoking songs filled with rightful hostility.

What makes this record special is the revolutionary way of production. Fully funded by a Patreon support model, the album features a massive involvement of fans in the writing and production. The last track DN3 3HT is specifically dedicated to expressing gratitude towards the Sleeps Society.

The album is not listed into official charts since it is self-produced and distributed however, numbers are indicating Sleeps Society would take the fourth spot on the UK album charts – a worthy contribution to this year’s massive UK music rise.

I replayed Systematic extensively since the album came out, and I still cannot get enough. The song takes a top spot in my Adrenaline Rush playlist since it has the perfect well-spoken introduction, rapidly switching to the most energetic guitar and drum combo with just the right amount of screams to lead into the rest of the song.

Thematically Systematic has the classic While She Sleeps energy – the degradation of society, brainwashing, and moral breakdowns. Anger-filled vocals and powerful riffs work their magic and provide the extra energy, reminding listeners to stay true to their own value system.

Hollywood Undead – Gonna Be OK

Hollywood Undead is usually my go-to when I need a mood or motivation booster. The band has one of the most diverse discographies covering an incredibly vast scope of themes, energies, and styles of delivery.

That makes them suitable for almost every occasion if you know which tracks to direct your attention to. The Adrenaline Rush playlist could benefit from lots of their pieces. Choosing one to put in the spotlight was not an easy task, but I went with what hit me last.

In contrast to my first choice, Gonna Be Ok has a way more uplifting and positive attitude throughout. It starts with electrifying guitars as well, however, both lyrics and vocal execution are taking on an inspirational note. 

The song goes on to explore an introspective self-analysis culminating with the realization that things will be okay in the end. The struggle and downfalls are part of life’s journey but keeping a positive approach and replaying this song every once in a while make things better. 

DMX – X Gon’ Give It To Ya

An eternal classic when it comes to energy-infused anthems is X Gon’ Give It To Ya. The track is one of the most recognized DMX songs that never fail to get your blood pumping and make you feel like you can take on the world. 

DMX is an undeniable master of hype and mood-boosting badass power tracks. Questioning his place in playlists targeting rising adrenaline levels should not be a thing. The effect X Gon’ Give It To Ya has with the rushing build-up of beats and sharp remarks X delivers with power and confidence is a good example. 

The theme of the track revolves around claiming respect and proving your power in the typical DMX style. If this, combined with the vile beats and true old-school hip-hop vibes, doesn’t get you going, I don’t know what will.

P.O.D – Boom

Another classic from the golden era of nu-metal. P.O.D always had the untamed raw rap-rock energy highlighted by sharp-edged guitar riffs, aggressive drum parts, and a mix of hard vocals and mild singalongs.

Boom immortalizes the band’s sudden rise to fame after the smashing success of The Fundamental Elements of Southtown (1999). That indicates the confident tones, badass vibes, and pinball energy surrounding the track. The lyrics emphasize that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work hard.

It is an instant mood-booster and energy recharger.

Counterfeit – Washed Out

Counterfeit is one of those bands I don’t pay enough attention to despite their stunning discography. 

The particular track is not the brightest in terms of lyrics, however, this is exactly what gives it the charm. It radiates support, comfort, and empowerment in a strange but powerful way. 

The old-school nu-metal energy is present here as well – highlighted by powerful guitar and drum parts, fast-paced, angry vocals and delicate, emotional themes. Washed Out is a story about addiction and downfall, but it gets overtaken by inspiration and determination to send an empowering message and a call for doing better.

United with energetic instrumentals and lively vocal execution, the song works wonders for getting you in the mood to take on challenges of any sort.

Thousand Foot Krutch – Let The Sparks Fly

Let The Sparks Fly has the energy of prime-time Thousand Foot Krutch encapsulated in its essence. The track is an instant mood booster with the captivating intro, the quick build-up to explosive guitars and drums, and energetic vocal execution. 

The lyrics of the song are also focused on inspiring positivity, confidence, and action. An uplifting song from start to end, Let The Sparks Fly is an irresistible adrenaline rush song.  

Skillet – Monster

Speaking of prime-time of bands and epic energy-infused tracks. Monster has slightly darker lyrics if you listen closely, however, the pure rush of adrenaline this song delivers is not a matter of discussion.

Aggressive guitar riffs and vicious drumming support the powerful vocals culminating in the addictive chorus. It is hard not to sing (scream) along with the well-crafted lyrics, and it is impossible to stay in one place while listening.

It is one of Skillet’s most explosive tracks to this day and another track defining a generation.

Choosing the highlights of this playlist was harder than I thought. There are many noteworthy candidates to take the top spots, and it all depends on what angle you look at each track.

There are a lot more interesting songs to look into that will get you going when you need an extra push. However, I tried to select the most important and effective ones. The ones that work wonders for me, at least.

What music do you turn to when you need to get that kick of motivation and energy? Which songs would you add to the Adrenaline Rush playlist? Let me know, let’s talk music.

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