Outspoken, loud, supportive, outstandingly creative, and progressive are just a few ways to describe the powerful breakthrough trio Halflives. With a mission to create a space where everyone feels welcome and accepted despite the messy world around us, the band is on the rise to start a much-needed revolution. 

I fell in love with the band a few months ago, and I think it is high time to dedicate a post to the wonders they are doing in the contemporary music scene. The vigorous EP V came out just two days ago, making the hype reach new levels.

Halflives are one of those bands that you hear and immediately get hooked to. Then you start asking yourself, why the hell aren’t they everywhere yet. 

The band started making noise in 2017 with the 8-track debut album Empty Rooms. A record accurately displaying their charm and remarkable potential to become a leading act in the modern music scene. 

Empty Rooms contains the essence of Halflives that would further evolve in future releases. The band encapsulates the best of alt-rock and post-hardcore mixed in with cutting-edge pop and electronic influences.

Linda Battilani’s soaring vocals, impossible not to sing along to even on the first listen, unite with electrifying power-riffs and thunderous drumming in a well-orchestrated harmony of refined tunes.

Best way to start your journey with Halflives

The name of the band says a lot about the themes of their music. The idea that our existence is a sum of battles that make and break us echoes strongly in the lyrics inspired by real-life experiences and emotional turbulence.

Notes of empowerment and comfort shine bright in energy-infused tracks and slowed-down emotional pieces alike. That, together with the subtle addition of unexpected elements in the melodic build-up, helps the band stand out in the alt-rock scene.

Oh, and the covers. Don’t forget the covers.

2020’s EP Resilience built upon the well-established debut and proved the band has no intentions of getting stuck in the familiar. New influences, refined sounds, stunning coherence, in-depth exploration of personal trauma and external relationships marked the new ear of Halflives.

Only a year later, we are privileged to hear more new music showing yet another level of progress and development. V stands as a short but well-executed semi-conceptual piece with consistent styling, imagery, sound, and storytelling.

It might as well be the best work of the band yet.

V starts with a rapid bang. Vibe opens up the tracklist as a unifying, empowering anthem confronting negativity and people who put others down.

The song is a comforting call for unity and self-acceptance, reassuring anyone who fails to “fit in” that they are not alone or singled out.

Powerful and confident vocals surround the explosive instrumentals and make it hard not to sing along. It truly is a call for revolution you cannot fail to answer.

Honestly, the videos are just an extra touch of class to the amazing music

Victim turned into one of my all-time favourite Halflives songs since it came out as a single. The track is a very illustrative, metaphor-filled piece about being trapped in over-obsession and mental exhaustion.

It depicts a dire emotional situation using vile riffs, charming vocals, and powerful breakdowns as transmitters of emotion. The best part is the empowering tone that prevails at the end of the song.

I guess I knew, I guess I knew
You were possibly insane
You broke into my house and never got out
Don’t you care, don’t you care

Valkyrie follows by changing the mood with strong self-worth and appreciation vibes. Incredible instrumental build-up and an explosive chorus make the track as powerful as it can be and contribute to a great after-taste of “I can take on the world and beat it” type of feeling.

Valkyrie’s distorted outro smoothly transitions into Villain’s slow and steady intro. The melody quickly builds up to a powerful instrumental foundation with a rapid tempo.

Vicious background laughs appear at times as an incredibly well-working detail to highlight the purpose of the song. The track illustrates another real-life situation with captivating storytelling and accurate remarks.

The mutual hurt and destruction two people can cause to each other are ruthlessly exposed. The focus in Villain is the realization that in relationships, you can be both the victim and the villain as nothing is one-sided.

You and I are mutually assured destruction
But I’m not afraid at all
I just can’t look back inside your heart right now
Just tell me that were’s both so crazy
For wanting all of this oh sorry baby
I can’t look back inside my heart right now

The song overflows with details making the emotional nature of the theme hits all the right places. A portion of the lyrics remains dedicated to the wishful possibilities for a happy development.

You and I could rule inside a place of gold
Reliving all our deja-vus
I just can’t look back inside your heart right now
’cause you’d watch me drown in a sea of knives
And pretend you’d be alright

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V closes with the title track giving us one last eruption of energy and shredding instrumentals. The track fits the general theme of the EP by exploring another side of a relationship-based experience. It uses the symbol of a psycho to illustrate the complicated situation and emotional misbalance.

The powerful sound creates a feeling of melancholy but also radiates comfort and reassurance. It is a great way to end an incredible EP leaving us excited for the next stage of the Halflives journey.

Halflives walked a remarkable journey filled with challenges and triumphs. Their catchy substantial music rightfully helped them generate a dedicated fanbase, quickly growing into a loving community. 

That is just the start, and great things are ahead for the band and their army of supporters for sure. With V displaying another level of growth, the next stage of their development is one to eagerly look forward to.  

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