My recent realization that a predominant part of the artists I listen to daily remain extensively unrecognized and underappreciated urged me to write a blog post introducing some of them. There is much to love and cherish in different hard-working musicians regardless of the scope of their reach.

Naturally, the acts I mentioned in that blog post are far from the only ones I consider deserve more love and attention. Due to your interest and my personal desire to continue the threat, I decided to write part two featuring six more amazing artists you need to check out.

With so much good music coming out in recent years, it is hard to keep track of everything that’s going on. New releases from bands that have been around for the longest time or a promising breakthrough newcomer – how can you keep track of everything?

A release combining a return of a veteran and an underappreciated artist at the same time. You can read my thoughts on Charlotte Cardin‘s Phoenix here.

The constant flow of new music can be overwhelming. I recently started paying more attention to new acts and upcoming musicians that take their respective scenes by storm. That helped me discover some seriously good music and enter communities of heartwarming support and appreciation.

The last time I wrote a blog post about the upcoming artists you need to check out, I introduced you to some alt-rock/dark-pop anthems, coherent progressive metal, electronic/hard-rock eruptions, and soothing hip-hop treats.

You can read the blog post featuring Atwood, Halflives, Yonaka, Feather Mountain, Stef G, and Stan Hope here.

The list of underappreciated artists is sadly too long. There are lots of other charming musicians I want to talk about. This blog post goes through six more acts I believe deserve the chance. I am certain some of them will overtake your playlists depending on the genre you are looking for.

Prepare for some high-quality storytelling hip-hop, classic rock and roll-inspired music, a powerful outburst of heavy trap, and immersive, though-provoking alt-rock based wonders.

Hobo Johnson

Hobo Johnson blew my mind the first time I heard him. The 26-years-old hip-hop artists possesses outstanding charisma represented by perfected lyricism and meticulously arranged beats. A combination of witty wordplay, heartfelt emotion, and unorthodox poetry blends in with one-of-a-kind energy and raw emotional substance that few others artists can rival.

Even though I was late discovering Hobo Johnson myself, I was deeply saddened and disappointed to see he is still widely unrecognized. Considering what he is capable of, I see this as blasphemous.  

Look at that performance. Incredible.

As one of my friends accurately pointed out, what Johnson does is a completely new way of creating rap music. It is revolutionary and might as well become a new wave of hip-hop.

The artist’s focus is on the poetry aspect. Most of the time, it doesn’t feel like he is rapping since he is not stuck on the flow or the beat. The words and emotions take the spotlight in each song. 

Hobo Johnson’s thematic full-lengths follow a captivating storytelling approach and explore life-inspired emotional ballads, anger outbursts, contemplations, and thought-provoking remarks. Despite being intimate and personal, the lyrics strike chords in your own life and experiences due to the relatable emotional substance and explored feelings.

Example provided. The album that got me hooked.

A mix of easy-going, playful tracks in singles and EPs balance things out to prevent an overwhelming amount of depth to take over. His sarcastic and comedy-focused tracks add a flair of fun and playful tunes to enjoy in-between the reality-based deep-dives. 

The magic of Hobo Johnson is hard to describe. It is best to dive head-on and experience it firsthand. 

Latest release focuses on the playful side with bits and pieces of seriousness once in a while

Kota The Friend

Kota The Friend is another hip-hop mastermind who I feel remains widely underappreciated. His growth in recent years is undeniable, and what he does is simply touching.

Kota is one of the most down-to-earth, chill, humble, and appreciative hip-hop artists I ever came across. His lyrics are genuine and pure, always taking inspiration from his personal experiences. Struggle, joy, contemplation, appreciation, or just pure contempt with existence often take the spotlight. 

A captivating unity of lo-fi beats with well-coordinate flow delivering raw, unfiltered stories of life’s ups and downs constructs a large part of Kota’s universe. Immersive storytelling and urges to stay open towards the promising future, appreciate the blessings around you, and even openly falling into daydreaming about whatever your heart desires also comes in the package.

My favourite so far

Of course, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. The artist pays tribute to the turbulent aspects of life as well in a touching composition of equally powerful tracks. Kota’s music is deeply heartfelt and often contains the wisdom and lessons he learns the hard way presented in an impactful, memorable way.

In a recent Instagram live, he revealed that his upcoming album deals with one of the toughest periods of his life and the revitalizing healing that he is undergoing at the moment. That is something to eagerly look forward to. Until it arrives, we have plenty of good stuff to replay and reflect on.

Primyl Vinyl

Primyl Vinyl are amongst the upcoming bands that boldly take on topics most artists avoid. Their music and entire community centre around vocalizing mental health and allowing raw emotions to shine. 

The band creates catchy alt-rock inspired by different movements, including pinches of pop, classic rock, and electronics. They slide some personal lyricism that stands as relatable and universal when put through the prism of your own life and experience.

Quality storytelling supports each track and makes the different real-life experiences come to life. A great deal of thought-provoking remarks also appears and complement the irresistible catchiness of the tunes.

Read my introduction to the band and hear my interview with Matt (vocals and guitar) to learn more about Primyl Vinyl

Primyl Vinyl is rapidly growing and cultivating a dedicated fanbase for a reason. The next stage of their journey is as exciting as their entrance into the scene. With a solid foundation of recognizable sound and a dedicated mission to follow, they are on their way to the top.


I find the ability to give old-school rock and roll a new breath of life and keep its fire burning bright truly impressive.

Lucer is a Danish-based formation that does exactly that. They take classic rock and roll as a foundation and mix it with various inspirations to create charming, energetic, attention-grabbing rock music.

Lucer worked with some of the biggest names in Danish rock and metal. That helped them experiment with different writing approaches and instrumental construction during their three full-lengths and several EPs.

The result is always a ride you don’t want to miss – energy-infused, explosive guitar and drum parts unite with sing-along choruses and powerful vocals telling life-inspired stories.

You can read my band introduction and watch my video interview with the band to learn more about the magic of their music

Their latest release L.A. Collection shows another great take on classic rock and roll with unique inspiration and energy coated around each track. The band is clearly enjoying the process of making the music they love, and it is contagious for everyone who gives them a chance.

We Are Pigs

We Are Pigs is a band I discovered thanks to another extremely talented, upcoming musician and a good friend of mine – Stef G. He remixed We Are Pigs’ Pulse Queen and did the impossible by making a dangerously powerful song even more energetic and explosive

Check this out!

The band is a monstrous hybrid of alternative-rock, nu-mental, trap, hard-rock, hellish screams, blazing instrumentals, and untamed energy. Bringing the best of 2000s revolutionary music inspired by the likes of Korn, Slipknot, and P.O.D, to name a few, We Are Pigs breathe new life into an iconic movement in music.

I find the music of We Are Pigs extremely important. The combination of raw energy outbursts, aggressive notes, and substantial lyricism touching on relevant personal and global issues is a necessity for today’s society. 

The band stands out with an extraordinary way of delivering heavy music in an accessible, charming way, and helping you get that kick of energy when you are feeling at your lowest. The rush is addictive. You won’t be able to get enough once you try it out. 

Fyre Byrd

The charm of Fyre Byrd goes beyond music. What they do is an immersive conceptual journey touching on the most sensitive and important issues of modern society. They ask questions and spark discussions, making you think about your life, mentality, and habits.

Of course, good music is at the core. The experimental nature of instrumentals and vocals, the explosive drum parts, and the depth of the lyrics all work together to create an unforgettable experience.

Fyre Byrd recently started a massive project titled No_Idols dealing with the many contemplations, vices, and dangerous side-effects of human mentality. The strong opinions they express are not intrusive in any way, but they do make you reflect on your own life choices and priorities.

Strong visual material supports the narrative of No_Idols. It creates and even more immersive story, helping you completely disappear in the world the duo carefully builds.

It does not end there. Fyre Byrd is also an outstandingly entertaining persona that puts communication with their community (The Brats) as a top priority. Various types of content help them achieve that and provide guaranteed entertainment by your favourite siblings.

Did I mention they are also the masters of making pasta? Bring some to your next Fyre Byrd show if you want to impress them and be on their good side. It is a wise thing to do, considering the chaotic, explosive nature of their live shows.

I hope you found something of your liking in this post. I am prepared with more music suggestions to spotlight, so reach out and let me know if you want to keep the series going.

What are the underrated artists you think deserve the attention? Let me know, and let’s talk music.

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